Academy trust “Alliances” as a defence against forced participation in a MAT

Now this is interesting……five single-academy trusts have launched an “Alliance” to ward off the erosion of each school’s “individuality” as DfE continues its push towards MATs.

To read the full article about this in Schools Week, click here.

If you would like to review either (i) how your academy school might develop an “Alliance” with other single-academy trusts or (ii) how to ensure that your academy school might avoid being pushed into a MAT, (or indeed, for a basic and more general chat about what I do) please contact me at or on 017514 499238 for a preliminary discussion.

Schools’ views on the perceived benefits and obstacles to joining a Multi-academy Trust

DfE have published an extremely interesting research report on the above which addresses the following questions:
# what are the experiences of schools or academies that have joined a MAT in the last couple of years?
# why have maintained schools decided not to convert to join a MAT?
# why have standalone academies not joined or formed a MAT?
and presents the difference between the experience of being within a MAT and perceptions of what being in a MAT would be like.

You can read the report here.

If you would like to discuss how to your school might optimally evaluate joining a Multi-academy Trust (or indeed, just have a basic and more general chat about what I do) please contact me at or on 017514 499238 for a preliminary discussion.

Ibid – by Mark Dunn. Unbearably Hilarious

Only Mark Dunn, author of the acclaimed Ella Minnow Pea, would attempt to write a novel entirely in footnotes- and succeed so triumphantly.

Ibid is the off-the-wall fictional biography of Jonathan Blashette, a three-legged circus performer and deodorant entrepreneur. Dunn, a character in his own novel, is Blashette’s esteemed biographer. But when Dunn’s editor destroys the manuscript in an unfortunate bathtub accident, all that remains are the footnotes, which they arrange to publish in a consummate portrait of Blashette’s strangely hilarious life story, one that offers some infinitely interesting morsels of American cultural history.

Of course, as endnotes go, these are the tidbits, the marginalia: snippets of commentary, correspondence, court transcripts, song lyrics, and even a recipe for Boston baked beans. But in the topsy-turvy world of Ibid, the footnotes tell the truest story of all. Click here for more on Ibid.