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About -


My professional background has been in Business Rescue, Risk Management and Corporate Governance.  I also have extensive experience in the company secretary role and as a non-executive director in various sectors.


Having retired from my corporate consultancy business, I have spent recent years extending my general (and long-term) interest in education – by developing a consultancy in school governance.

In particular, I give advice and guidance concerning the role and responsibilities of governors – including the related compliance and legal matters. I can also provide operational and strategic support to governing bodies.


I act as a Clerk to the Governors for some schools on a freelance basis and am able to co-opt other clerks to provide  a clerking service to schools for (all types of) Governors meetings.

I am available to act as Clerk to Pupil Exclusion Panels and Independent Review Panels.

I also run a clerking support service to provide guidance and resources for individual clerks.

For more details on how some of the above services might meet your needs (or indeed, for a basic and more general chat about what I do) please contact me by email at – or by telephone on 07514 499238.


Please keep an eye on my blog.   Here you will find broad-based commentary and general analysis on schools governance and related clerking matters.

I particularly seek out and reflect on topical issues in governance and compliance.  My overall aim is to foster discussion and engagement around schools governance topics and related clerking matters.

On my blog you will also find my occasional (slightly idiosyncratic) posts giving a (somewhat subjective) perspective on the “Search for Meaning” – this is where I explore innovative thinking in the broad fields of philosophy, science, creativity, history, psychology and “stuff”.

Please click here to see my most recent blog posts.